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anyone else getting flooded with old emails from MTBR?

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I have gotten about 30 emails today from MTBR regardign all sorts of stuff. Saying I have a new private message, saying someone has posted something here or there, responding to old ads, etc. The emails are dated from back in early october until a few days ago. It is totally random. I have been getting about 10 emails per hour for the last couple of hours.

so does mtbr have some sort of virus/glitch unleashing repetitive emails?
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I have too.
I think it's caught the flu.
I also got a shady email asking for password info from mtbr.
Me also. I'm turning off my subscribe to threads option. See if that helps.

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I would pop an FYI to Gregg and Francois.
Yup, pretty much every thread that I've posted in this year has sent a reply, but I haven't gotten the pm thing yet. Does turning off the subscribe option work?
Nothing here.

FWIW, I have thread subscription set to "no email notification".

i got a bunch...

plus they changed my password for no apparent reason. strange.
Sounds like they've got it fixed. See the Announcement from Francois up at the top of the forum list.

..Yes..I am receiving old emails. It was quite puzzling at first... :)

I wonder if that eastern european dude that kept posting that game shyte the last few days had anything to do with it?
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