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I live out in the country, where flies are prevalent.

I've found if you keep a medium-sized turd on the kitchen counter, that's usually where they go, and it makes it easy to swat 'em.

No charge.


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You mean you're not house broken?

What kind of turds do you find on the counter?

Yours? (musta been a killer post ride party at FP's?),
Cat (easy to find freash & piping hot),
or Dog (usually white & crusty when found)?

Hollis (regrets ever replying to a poo post) :D

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Right on man!

I personally prefer to use fly screen.
Don't get me wrong! I like to see a freshly procured stool-specimen on the kitchen table. Especially after a hard night on the p1ss :D

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I've heard of bushwalkers putting old turds on their campfires of a night to keep the nasties away, but I reckon if you put one in your kitchen you'd be more likely to keep your family in trim shape then anything.......

Cheers, Dave

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Is this the right size?

Not sure what a medium size turd is....if it's from Specialized then it's a 17" but if it is a Trek then it is bigger.

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