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anyone dislike thier revelation on the tracer vp

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pretty much summs it up. thinking of getting a new revelation 150 or going to the new fox float 150 with 15qr. Any oppinions?
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good question - i'm contemplating a revelation team...
I ran a Lyrik 2-step for a season and found that 160mm was too tall for tight singletrack but 115mm was too short for any of the drops on the trail. This season I switched to a Revelation Team running at 150mm with a maxxle and it is perfect. I am running negative rise on an 80mm stem and have an integrated upper headset bearing (tapered steerer) to keep the front end low enough to climb well.

The revelation is like a mini Boxxer its so good. Stiff and so easy to tune up properly.
I had a Talas 150 on mine for a while. The performance of the fork was just fine but I much prefer the angles on the Tracer with a 160mm fork.
The Revelation 150 is slightly taller then a Talas 150 which I would prefer (for angles). I also prefer a 20mm axle to the 15mm one (though 15 is a big improvement from QR).

I really like RS dual air models. They take some work to get tuned, but once you have them in the sweet spot the action is IMO nicer then Fox (even with the new Fit). I was not such a big fan of U-Turn. I do see how it would work if you had a long climb followed by a long decent, or went riding at different trails requiring different fork length, but for the trails I ride (short climbs and decents) it was a useless add of weight.
I have a 150mm Revelation with 20mm axle. I think this latest fork body mated with the 20mm axle makes it much better now. I think they have improved past where Fox is now. So it's very stiff (making for sure and precise steering input and feedback) with a lovely action. Both are really good products. Check out this review (assuming I added the hyperlink correctly):
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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