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Hi all,

Figured I'd post here to see if I can get any useful advice, or just commiserate, about some knee issues.

Here's the story: Two weeks ago, I lost control and went over the top of a berm, and had what I would consider a somewhat minor crash. Smashed my heel pretty good, and banged my knee a bit, although I shook it off and finished the lap and the day of riding (I'm at Whistler for the summer). My heel hurt for a couple days, but largely I wasn't worried and kept riding and it's now totally better.

The knee has been a different story. Two days after the crash, I noticed the inside of my knee was completely numb. I also noticed that along the top of my knee cap, there is a ~1cm spot to the left side that is insanely sensitive and painful if I touch it. I went to the doc and she said that I did some soft tissue damage/nerve damage and that it was no big deal and I could keep riding and the numbness/pain would go away in 2-3 months as long as I don't bash it.

I kept riding, and was mostly okay. The knee was stiff so I can't suck up the bike as much as I want off jumps, or sit down and pedal with a low seat due to the stiffness (e.g. on my DH bike). I also noticed that when I brace the bad knee as my back leg through tech sections I feel pain at the top of my knee cap.

Now all of the sudden two days ago (two weeks after the initial injury) I finished my ride and noticed my knee had absolutely blown up to many times it's usual size. I went to the doc and they basically said I must have somehow irritated my suprapatellar bursa. The doc drained 50ml of blood/fluid out of the knee and said to rest. After having the knee drained, it's even more stiff, the pain at the top of the knee cap seems to be worse, and my range of motion in the leg is less than 90 degrees. I also feel like my knee cap is a bit out of place and just generally looks super weird. I went to a third doc and he now says it's quadriceps tendinitis. My quad still feels fairly strong though, so I obviously don't have a full quadricep tendon rupture.

I was interested in seeing if anyone had any thoughts/similar experiences. I've already gone to three doctors and one physiotherapist and get a different answer each time. I've self diagnosed as a partial quadricep tendon tear that was made worse by continuing to ride, but who knows if that's right. I figure I'll go back to the doc again, but since I'm in Canada it will be months to get an MRI and confirm. Any thoughts?

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