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Yup, I went

and took notes even:

20% off stems, forks, lights, wheels, tools, trainers, food and most components
25% off car racks, saddles and pedals
30% off roadie tires, pumps, bars, grips and bar tape
40% off mtn tires
50% off tubes
75% off accelerade

Special deals: $20 floor pump, $5 CO2 inflator, $30 easton stem (regular $100)

Insta-Rebate: $250 Intense Frames, $100-$150 lots of roadie bikes, many others

I got a pair of specialized 700cx23 tires for $14, a Panaracer Fire FR 2.4 for $16, and an Ultegra crank and BB for $103. Over all the stuff I bought I saved 32.4%.

Go early. They were already out of some stuff that I was looking for.

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I went in yesterday and bought a Mavic Crossroc Wheelset at the Seattle Supergo. The price was $120. I know a lot of people have gripped that the wheels dont hold up, but at this price they were worth taking a chance on. They had a lot of other pretty good deals. I think clothing was also 20% off. I am thinking of going back for a couple of tires, hard to beat 40 percent off. .
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