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You got a point but I think most of the problem is running it in 11th tooth mode and the sprocket hooks then it stretches the chain and POP goes the weasel. It is the same thing on my CR 500, if you keep a fresh small sprocket it does not hook and stretch the chain near as much.

What I want to do is run a 50 + ring so I can then get off the bottom of the cassette.

Not only am I creating a problem for the chain and sprocket but I am also losing HP because of the sharpe turn on the chain.

I am a goofy fit and require a custom bike in alot of way's, my legs because they are so long are just like a long stroke big block motor, they do not turn RPM and make power with torque. I go alot faster with tall gearing rather than a changing the RPM of my legs.

Thanks for the input.
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