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As per my last post I have since been riding in my iRULE MOABS that I have since bought off the sheep lovers Down Under. OK here goes:

- seem slightly shorter than what I'm used to ( Louis Garneau) so was odd to start with but actually gave me more freedom of movement over longer rides
- fabric is nothing short of sensational - feels like lingerie ( yeah yeah I'm not married to Posh Spice ); really nice on, no sweat; meant to have v.good UV protection
- chamois - Ididn't notice it at all - no seams; actually made the whole area stay at the same temperature; just right amount of support
- pocket system theyhave IP protection on - simple, works well; would be nice to stuff in more but yeah real good idea

I think, particularly for the price - really good knick - enduro types will love 'em I'd say.
It was a plus to be able to try the gear on before Ibought it using the system Just Try me at the irule site.

For short XC events though I'll stick with my LG shorts but for long races and rides the MOABS do the job
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