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That was a pretty good deal. I am looking for just a front wheel right now to put on my Stumpy. Been looking on ebay and haven't seen any.
That's going to be the best route for many folks for awhile. Find someone who bought a beasley SS or 1x9 and didn't keep the stock wheels (which are rather porky, what with the straight 14g spokes, brass nipples and weinmann discovery rims) and buy them off them. I'm only keeping the wheels off my 1x9 for the time being because I'm using them to test frame/fork clearances without having to pull the wheels off my beasley all the time. Not to mention the discover rims are rim-brake compatible so I can adapt them to work with pre-disc bikes (Mavic has a brake adapter arch meant to fit 700C to 26" and vice versa, but they can be modified to work with other sizes... Nino fit one on an old Manitou fork for his son's bike and running 24" wheels).
Wow, somebody got a deal! $125? That's like buying the tire only, and getting the wheels for free!
650B front wheel

If you want a new front wheel w/out a custom build price, check out the prebuilt handspun 650B front wheel. You get the velocity blunt rim and XT hub for about $130.

I was considering this option to experiment w/ 650B but I got the stan's 650B rim and a hope hub on sale so I am going to try a wheel build.
Not familiar with Pivot hubs. Is that just for freewheel type cogs?
Bikinfoolferlife said:
Not familiar with Pivot hubs. Is that just for freewheel type cogs?
They arnt bad. Surprisingly loud and solid feeling for what they are. They are a 6 pawl freehub design, there are two sets of three pawls, they are right on top of each other.

Bearings are Ok, but its all I expected from these wheels that you can only get if you buy a Beasley.
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