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Anybody know if Azonic 10mm rear hub fits

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a Dt Swiss RWS 10x135 skewer? Every picture I can find looks like it fits the old 9mm skewer.
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My Outlaw wheels came with a bolt on 10mm through axle that weighed about 10 lbs so I never used it and just left the qr axel in there. It is my understanding that a standard front axle is 9mm and the rear is 10mm. The quick release skewers are not the axle but go inside the axle. Grab your rear wheel and take out the axle. if you see loose bearings it aint gonna work but if it has sealed/cartridge style bearings you are good to go. I wouldn't worry about it though. The axle will be still 10mm it will just be solid instead of hollow. Is it really going to be any stiffer? Or noticeable? might get it if my bike came with trough bolts instead of qr for convenience. If you already have qr save your money.
If you are talking about the 10mm thru bolt (pic), no it will not work.

You can use these...

The only 2 options are use a 12mm thru axle with the 12mm adapters or the 10mm QR.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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