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Mikey said:
You need two of the yellowish linkage bushings that you hand-press into the hole in the shock. They are the same ones you should see at the lower bolt of the link. Any Gary Fisher dealer should have them, or can order them and have them within a week. I think they're $2.95 each.

The bolt that goes through the back of the shock, at the link, should be a fat 1/2" diameter gold-colored axle. That's what you have, right? Where that goes through the top of the link and shock, you should have four of those yellowish bushings - two on the outboard sides of the link (where it meets the swingarm seatstays), and two on the shock eye. You should at least already have those two on the upper end of the link.

Click here for the official Sugar bushing rebuild instructions (pdf) from Fisher - it has an exploded view (though a poor picture) of the linkage parts, and the instructions and torque specs.

Lemme know if this isn't clear.
Anybody got access to this .pdf? I'm rebuilding a buddys bike and could use some guidance.
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