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I have no problems with the chain hopping off the top, but every time I bomb down a trail, my chain does the wave and comes off from the bottom.

I've got the 2000 ISCG mounts on my Soul Cycles Titan, and rather than paying $40 for one of the basic chain guides, I thought about making my own out of a piece of aluminum bar stock. It would have two anchor points for the top and rear ISCG bolt holes, and go down at an angle to the proper spot, where I would install a roller of some sort.

Can anything be done on the roller angle with rear derailleur parts, or should I lean towards getting an aftermarket roller kit from MRP to slap on there?

I run 1x8 soon to be 1x9, 32t front ring and a salsa bash on shimano 104mm/175mm cranks.
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