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Anybody commute on a road bike with race geo?

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Once the weather turns for the better, which looks like it will be this week. I am going to start riding my road bike to school and work. total round trip is about 20 miles. Looking trough all the different threads the only road race bike I have seen has been a pinerello dogma that the poster didn't even own.

I am going to ride my trek 1.5 because I see no advantages of riding my MTB. My road bike was designed for the road. My MTB...not so much. So whats the reason for the absence of drop bar aero roadies?
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A lot of people ride road bikes.

This is my current commuter, right after I bought the panniers and lowered the gearing. It was a sporty bike in the '80s, and while never top end, it would have, and could still if I take all the crap off it, meet the regulations for a massed start bike. If I strip all the crap off, I think it actually comes in lighter than my nice road bike - it's an aluminum frame and steel fork, without STI shifters, while the nicer one is steel and with a carbon fork and with STI levers and more gears. I have other bikes I'd rather train or compete on, but this one doesn't require me to put on funny clothes or shoes, accepts panniers, has fenders all the time, has low enough gearing to get all that up a pretty steep climb twice a day without undue effort, etc. etc. I also don't care as much that commuting in cities tends to beat up a bike.

My previous commute bikes have been an old 10-speed converted to singlespeed, a Trek 1000 sport/touring bike with a 2x6 drivetrain, like this one, a Schwinn Mesa GSX mountain bike (was my One True Bike at the time,) a Novara hybrid, and an old Motobecane badly converted with flat bars, working backward from the present.
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Here are the reasons I don't use my road bike for commuting. They may not apply to you.

  • I live on a dirt road (the killer)
  • I don't get to choose the roads I need to use to get to work like I could on a recreational ride, and some of them are in bad shape with skinny tire swallowing cracks, potholes, etc.
  • My MTB is better at handling winter conditions, and my cross bike is comfier in summer.

Have fun on your commute!
i've got a 58mile roundtrip commute. have been doing it on my rocky mountain solo cxd (disc brake, 130mm spacing rear, drop bar - FOR SALE as of today - PM me if interested) until now. too slow for such a long commute. just bought a madone 3.1 with the exact same geometry as my madone 6.2. the only difference is that the 3.1 is heavier, crummier parts and no tapered headtube. yet it, unlike my 6.2, has fender tabs and is so much faster than the rocky - which is a great bike, but suffers on the steeps due to weight and more upright position. i am so stoked for my new ride and that it will allow for greater specificity in training (as my commuting miles are the bulk of my training hours for road and endurance xc racing). wish i could keep the rocky for shorter trips and gravel grinding but my wife (correctly) is making me replace bikes rather than add to the stable as the barn, as it were, is rather full.
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I commute on all my bikes at times. With no ice and snow on the ground, I use a 1/8th" Scrambler most of the time. 74 degree HT angle, short chain stays. My commute average is 16 miles round trip. This is a cheap frame. Flat bar, 39x18 gearing- a little light, rack and fenders, 35mm Bontrager tires. Not light. For some reason it is fast though. Fun at the skate park when the fenders are off- toes hit the fenders when in the bowls. Longest ride on it has been about 30 miles. It is a little twitchy on the downhills. In comparison my Cannondale Synapse alloy is rock sodi on the down hills.
Yes, I ride my race bikes or my cross bikes depending on time of year and weather.
My commute is 30 miles RT in conjunction with the train both ways, or 39 one way plus 15 coming home with the train or 78 RT all by bike. When I ride without the train, I ride my road racing bike. Otherwise, I ride my belt-drive single speed with fenders, especially when it's raining. I like to ride fast, so fat tires just won't cut it for me.
I rode my rocky mountain solo 50 cr everyday last summer, 45 km round trip. Wouldnt of done it on anything else! I can remember the brand but you can get these sweet fenders that hook up the the frame and are carbon friendly!!
I commute using my bike but not everyday and it depends on where i'm going and if the weather is fine..
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