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So there's a good chance I'll be coming back out to LA for grad school (Pepperdine public policy) starting at the end of August and I'm in need of a place to live. Basically I'm looking for anywhere between Malibu and Santa Monica.

I would love to get in with a household of bikers who are interested in frequent trips to the mountains to shuttle. People who will not be traumatized by the appearance of a couple of dirty bikes and who understand that, no, they cannot be left out in the rain locked to a lamp post. I would even consider living with XC riders, provided you currently own at least one tire larger than 2.3.

About me: 26, male, laid back, moderately competent DH racer, into cars/bikes/motorcycles/sculpture/live music/high-brow movies/books/hoppy beer/whitewater/climbing/snowboarding/backpacking/world travel/strange people.

Also, I come with a well behaved 5 year old pointer mix who does well with dogs that are smaller than he is (60lbs or so). I must warn you that Smokey the Dog kicks major ass, and you will weep like little children the day we finally move out.

Anyway, I think that's it. Let me know if you have any other questions. I went to undergrad in the LA area as well (Pomona College) so I know the general lay of the land and where some good trails are tucked away. I also know some locals who I expect can verify that I'm not a total loon.
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