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Any tricks to changing cable in XO twist shifters?

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Helping my buddy transfer all his parts to a new Nomad frame. He has some XO twist shifters and we are trying to replace the cable. We have the old cable out of the rear shifter and it is in position "9". We can get the cable in the hole but when it gets to the 90 degree bend where it turns to go out the adjuster barrel, it snags up. We have tried numerous times to no avail. Help!
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Unscrew the barrel adjuster all the way off...also, new cables with soldered ends work best
Havent seen those in a while

mtnbiker72 said:
Unscrew the barrel adjuster all the way off...also, new cables with soldered ends work best
I guess I will have to solder the ends myself, every cable I have seen has two ends and they fray everytime I try to feed it through. It seems to be hanging up at the end.
A few things to try.

1-remove the adjuster so the cable doesn't get hung up on it's inside end.
2-check your cable, sometimes there's solder over a small length near the end, and that becomes too stiff to make sharp turns. Trim it leaving the solder only at the tip.
3-sometimes the blunt end of the cable bites into the outside of the bend as it starts the turn. Try rounding off the tip of the cable with an emory board or grinder, or use your fingertips make a slight bend near the end to help it start the turn as you work it through.
4- if none of the above work, leave it alone, have 2 beers and try again when you've relaxed.
The cheap ones come with two ends (multi-speed and old 3 speed ends)...look into quality cables, they will only come with the multi-speed end.
just push the cable in with pliers and try to pry a little (very carfuly) with an awl
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