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I haven't come across anything on any trails around any of the lakes around the Phx area(Pleasant, Bartlette, Canyon, Apache, Saguaro). Does anyone know of any? Seems like a great place to have some. I've seen dirt bikes from a distance while kayaking from horseshoe to Bartlette but have know idea where...

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I investigated trails visible from Saguaro and found them to be very flat and not very long. They did not head away from the lake or look traveled by bikes (mostly kids and families). There are trails outside of Saguaro but they are mostly very sandy 4WD dirt roads. I stayed on the water ever since but hope I am wrong.

Bartlet looks promising due to the trails passing the road on the way to the lake. Mostly MotoX from what I've seen. I have not seen a trail system from the water and do not know where trailheads other than the above mentioned. Too bad about the fire that damaged much of surrounding desert. I know there were trails somewhere out there.

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