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any thoughts on the new black cat sliders?

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I'm getting close to placing an order for a new frame and was wondering if anyone who has the black cat arching dropouts would care to share their experience thus far. Any slippage, flexing, do they work well?
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Good question. The Hey Swinger dropouts are pretty cool looking but seem to be nearly vaporware as far as long term reports. Maybe this will change all that.

They sure make the typical sliders look like poo.
I've had mine for about 5 months with no problems. The bolt heads are 6mm so you can really get some torque on them.

only one rider has the black cat sliders? please speak up.
I've been riding mine since September. I've got the lighter version with Ti bolts. It takes a little time to set up, but once locked down you don't have to give them another thought. Cant ask for more than that, and man is it easy to do a tire change now.
I'm due to receive my second Black Cat frame in a couple of weeks, I have an older pre-swinger dropout frame now. I am not at all worried about the swingers on my new frame, as I know a few riders that have them and have heard nothing but good things from them. One of those guys has the very first swinger dropout frame sold to a customer. He has been riding it for nearly 3 years with zero problems. Really strong guy that rides a ton too.
Dirt Rag tested one awhile back, pretty sure you could find it on their website.
You could also ask over in the Ventana forum, they (Ventana) have their own version of the swinging dropout, I believe inspired from Blackcat.

And Blackcat sells the swinging dropouts to other builders too, but it would seem like blasphemy to go with something other than Blackcat, the bikes are beautiful.
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