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Any thoughts on the 2007 Fox Van R??

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I am looking at getting a new shock to replace the 5th Air on my 'o5 Spsh Enduro.

I have a couple of options:

- new 2007 Fox Van R (based on the DHX body) with only rebound damping adjustments

- DHX 5.0 coil

- Pushed Vanilla RC.

the Van R and the Vanilla RC are about the same price £190 here in the UK. The DHX is £320.

I can have all the shock strokes modified so there is no chance of frame damage on the Enduro.

So my question is: has anyone ridden the Van R? I'm thinking that I usually don't end up fiddling with all the adjusters on more complicated shocks. Should it ride as good as the DHX, but without all the tuning options?

Any thoughts much appreciated.
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