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Any suggestions?

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Well, after two and a half years I have finally decided to make a change. My IBIS MOJO has treated me well, except for the continual and incredibly annoying creaking. I didn't want to have to switch frames, but I can't take the creaking anymore. I figured I would rebuild the MOJO from scratch and the creaking would disappear - no luck.
I bought all new links, sent my shock to PUSH, bought a new fork, new wheels, stripped the bike down and re-built. All excited about my first ride on my newly refreshed MOJO and that damn creaking came right back! :madman:

So, now I am looking for a new frame, similar in performance (ie: 5 inch lightweight trailbike).

What do you suggest?
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sucks about the creaking, I hope mine doesnt
Stop working on your bike and take it to a shop. You can bring it back if it still creaks. Frames don't creak, components do(unless it is cracked). You bought a new fork because you had creaking? Please tell me you needed it anyway. These forums are a great resource you should have asked for help before deciding you needed a new frame, There is plenty of help in this area, do you know how to search the forums? This can be solved, it isn't magic.:)
Not sure if you tried this route. But I had similar issues with my Cannondale Moto Carbon and the creaking would not go away for anything. Purchased FSA Carbon paste and 2 torque wrenches. Small inch pounds wrench and larger inch/foot lbs for crank and pedals. Torqued down all bolts to "spec" cleaned and re-greased each bolt and applied the Carbon paste where ever carbon met with the frame or alum met with the frame. Creaks where all gone and has ridden like a dream ever since.

In my book from now on whether my road bike or mountain bike unless on the trail/road for a quick fix a torque wrench is a must on all bolts. I also go over each bolt once a week.
Thanks for the input. I have had my bike at my LBS 3 - 4 times and cannot get it to stop creaking. Yes - I did want the new wheels and shock :thumbsup: I have tried the carbon paste on my seatpost. All appropriate bolts have been torqued with a torque wrench and locktite has been used. This has been going on for the last 6 - 7 months. I have inspected the frame top to bottom and cannot find anything 'weird'. The sound seems to be coming from the headset area. I replaced my SOLOS with a 110, but it keeps on creaking. It is so loud that even when I have my 'tunes' on, I still hear it.
Did you try lubing the ferrules? This has been a real creaking problem for some. I feel your frustration. They drive me nuts. My old SC Blur was terrible. You can find it (thinking positive here). The sound travels with carbon frames. Good luck and lets us know when you find it. Don't sell your Mojo. Edit: I read of two others that found their creak in the freehub, a good place to look.
If you're really desperate, send it to us and we'll find it. Haven't been stumped yet ; )

I've read numerous times about the cable ferrules making noise, might wanna do a search on that.
Pono39, I would take Hans up on their offer. What an awesome company. I guess that's why I ordered my SL yesterday!!!

You may want to check the seatpost. My friends bike creaks when he applies a downward force when riding. Not saying this is it, but may be worth checking out. Maybe all you need is a different seatpost. He just switched seatposts, to a shorter one, before, his seatpost never creaked.

Good luck and please keep us posted.

hanssc said:
If you're really desperate, send it to us and we'll find it. Haven't been stumped yet ; )

I am continually amazed at the service you guys provide......and so willingly. I love knowing that a, let me correct that, PEOPLE such as yourselves have my back.
I would send it to Ibis.
It could be that the headset cup is loose in the frame and no amount of grease will fix that.
hanssc said:
If you're really desperate, send it to us and we'll find it. Haven't been stumped yet ; )
This gesture is definitely swaying my decision for a new bike!

I posted awhile ago of how I siliconed in place my ferrules to try and rid my bike of creaks. No creaks after the process. Since then I have removed the silicone from rd housing side for maintenance, still no creaks. I'm convinced now that it was fd ferrule up by the headset. I had tried everything mentioned except torque wrench before this.

If you go into "my profile" click on my posts and look for "noisy bike" you can read the whole thing. It's about 5-6 down from top on first page.

Good luck,
ps. Hans offer is awesome!
The headset bearings and the headset seats for those bearings MUST be perfectly clean of dust, else they do creak loudly. After cleaning I use a little grease in the headset bearing seats, not sure if the grease really helps. Mine have creaked after quickly replacing forks, and now they don't - after redoing the headset bearing seats with careful cleaning.

I hate creaks. After 13+ years of riding full suspension, my Mojo is the quietest FS bike ever - that is after chain slap is controlled with rubber protection on the stays.
Thanks for all the input. I will try everything and see what happens. Its one of those silly things that just drives you nuts and ruins your flow. I will say that IBIS service is second to none and it is great knowing they back their product without question.
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