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Any Remedy 9.8 or 9.9 owners running a chain guide?

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I'm almost done building mine up, but I'm seriously considering a chain guide. More to protect the frame than anything else. It looks like the carbon frames have a different setup than the alloy.

Maybe I just need to suck it up and install one, but would love to see one already done.

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I'm not one to say anything is impossible, and I still won't say it, but I've been trying to figure this one out for months. I've talked to some tech reps at Trek's HQ in Waterloo and they do not know of any way for a guide to be mounted. The problem lies in the BB. While the BB90 is stiff as can be, the bearings press into the frame. Without chain guide tabs or a thread in BB I do not know of any compatible guides. Trek (at the time) did not know of any way to make it happen either. If you figure a way out, PLEASE TELL ME! I love the bike, but I want a 2 ring guide.

I know this is an old thread. I've searched high and low and I came up with four solutions for my 2011 Trek Remedy 9.7 (carbon, no ISCG, pressed BB so no BB mounting):

1. Drop a bunch of coin to change over to a Shimano drivetrain utilizing the shadow plus XTR rear mech. The clutch of th rear mech will maintain the chain tension.

2. Wait till the end of summer when SRAM releases the "Gen 2" derailleurs with similar clutch technology...that doesnt require the adjustment and maintenance that the Shimano version does.

3. Wait even longer and drop a bunch of coin on SRAMS new XX1 or 1 x 11 drive train featuring a gen 2 rear mech.

4. Buy the Bionicon C-Guide. I'm weary of any component whose primary fastener is a zip tie.
As Sayer said get the new clutch derailer as a chain tensioner and get a chain guide that is front derailer mount or a Widgit chain ring. I have the same problem with my fuel that doesn't have tabs.
Never dropped the chain from my 2 ring setup since I started running the XTR shadow+ derailleur. If I had to do it again I'd save some coin and go with the SLX shadow+. They work, no additional setup required other than flipping the orange switch!
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