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I have been searching for user reports on this fork.

It is currently selling at a nice price at chainreactioncycles. There were only 2 reviews in the reviews section of MTBR, they heap praise on it, saying it feels plush, gives you lots of adjustments and is very light.

I have been searching for a sweet fork to put on my S-Works Enduro 150 frame. I want something that can take me everywhere. Is this fork strong enough for All-mountain duty (trails, uphill and DH runs)?

It has a 20mm through axel, which suggests it is stiff, it has 150mm of travel with compression and rebound adjustments. It also mentions Lauch Control. I guess it is a travel adjustment system? It doesn't really say much about it. How much does it shorten the travel and therefore the geometry???

Also how reliable are these forks. I heard DT Swiss acquired a British company and these are their forks.
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