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I've converted both my Santa Cruz Blur and Ibis Mojo to Lefties. I love them both.

130 pbr on the Mojo and 110 Terralogic on the Blur.

Theyu are both excellent, but wish they made a 130-140 Terralogic. It's difficult to hit the lockout button sometimes (or more inmortantly, release the lockout!) On the Terralogic it's so nice to stand up and no bob, yet still very plush...

Does anyone think there is a way to convert a Lefty 130 RLC to a Terralogic - they are both Fox internals I think, all that would be lacking is lengthening the dampener rod?... and I've done that before on my Fox 140... made it into a Terralogic 140 with a 130 Terralogic unit and made a 10mm male/female extension on the dampener tube/rod.

Any I deas, or am I whacked out of my head??! :madman:


1 - 2 of 2 Posts