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Any opinions on Cycle King 3 pads Carbon Saddle 114g?

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The weight is nice and it should (?) be comfortable too (though it's quite narrow, only 122mm). There is no info on crk site but found some here.

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Looks like a freak version of an SLR Tecknologica, may be comfy.
So the pads Velcro onto the saddle? With the hook side of the Velcro on the saddle that seems like one of those things that will constantly snag lycra shorts as the pads squirm around. It would likely be better to contact cement the pads on and save the weight of the Velcro.:skep:
Pads / padding will never compensate for a rigid shell. A shell needs to flex. I'm willing to bet that saddle is just as rock hard as the one without padding. I know. I rode that non padded rock hard one for an 8 hour epic. Biggest amount of money wasted.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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