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any On-one 29ers in NE?

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does anyone in Nebraska ride an On-One Inbred 29er? I'm moving to big wheels and I'd like to ride one if I could...I'm in Lincoln and ride quite a bit. I'd be willing to go almost anywhere to try one. the size would have to be right though...I'm looking at the 19.5 right now, but I'd like to try an 18 or a 21 as well just to see which will fit. anyone have one? or know of a shop that's got one? thanks.
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Never heard of a On-One Inbred 29er? Have any pics? Blues bike and fitness in Lincoln sells 29ers if thats what your looking for. Great shop by the way!
Inbreds are a steel 29er out of England somewhere. see here:
they're pretty sweet and I'm looking to build one here as soon as I can sell my other bike. I just was gonna see if I could actually ride one before I bought one. I actually frequent Monkey Wrench cycles as my personal LBS. they're huge into the 29er thing and have converted me. so I'm selling my frame, fork and wheels to get an On-one. :D a sheep to the slaughter...
Here"s an example for ya'all.

Too bad it's in Iowa! :D :D It will be on the Lincoln boy's 162 to Ponca on July 22nd, though, so look for it on your local back roads soon!


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GT...will you actually be in Lincoln on the 22nd? what size is your Inbred? I'm going to be getting one here sometime before august and I'd like to ride one to get a feel for the size...
Well, yes but not for very long!

I'm afraid the ride I'm joining in on takes off at something like 3am. so I won't be there long!

I think mine is a 19", is. I got it before they started making the 18" version, that's right, now I remember! :p
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