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Went into Ozone Bike Shop today, as a matter of fact, and John showed me two San Joses in stock, a 52 and a 55. We looked all over that bike for crappy parts to blame the obscenely low price tag on, but came up empty. Maybe the hubs, and the fact that the rear doesn't flipflop. Lots of "house brand" parts, but the same stuff on my five-year-old Pista has held up perfectly. The saddle has some cheesy faux leopard-skin stripe on it, but honestly, at $529, you could replace the parts you didn't like still come out with cash in your pocket.
I want to get one as a fixed gear, but I'd have to rebuild the wheel to do it. The shop said they'd give me a credit for whatever I wanted to switch out .... it's VERY tempting.

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Bianchi Jay said:
....I want one. My favorite bike shop doesn't have one yet. Talk to me people! :D
I share your bianchi fixation (have 2 now, used to have 3).

I would get a used older bianchi cross frame and set it up SS... and make it CELESTE.

but that looks nice.

the lbs here has the castro valley in stock. AWEsome commuter bike out the door. if my surly was folded in half by a hairy woman, i would test ride the castro valley. sorry for the 1x9 on the SS forum... but it has a dynamo light and fenders!!

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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