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Wish I Were Riding said:
I'd like to see someone (who's actually ridden both) compair the EMD to the SIR 9 or the ONE 9. I think only Madre can do that?
She's not ridden the SIR 9 yet or the EMD.

Only the One 9 and the Air 9.

She feels equally at home on the Air as she does the One fitwise...but she always has a bigger smile on the One.

I'd assume the EMD would just ride a tiiiiiiny bit stiffer than it's scandium brother.

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I demo'd an EMD recently. The one I rode had XT parts and American Classic wheels. The shop estimated it was around 26 pounds.

The workmanship on the frame is excellent. Acceleration was quite snappy and positive. I did feel the difference compared to my 29 pound Inbred ride. One of the best things I liked about the EMD is that it's spec'd out for am 100mm fork. The fork is smoother than my Inbred's 80mm fork.

At the end of the day, I was contemplating swapping out my Inbred frame for an EMD.

On a side note,if I do get an EMD or Air9 frame, I would have to change my "holy cromoly" moniker ;)
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