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Any mojos with DHX-air?

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I got a cannondale prophet off Ebay for a good deal and it has a DHX-air on it...

want to know what this shox would be like on the Ibis... I like that I can adjust the bottom out resistance....
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In low compression tune I've seen them on Mojos but the one that came with a Prophet was probably a medium tune. I'd Push it before putting it on the Ibis.

P.S. You did check that the length and stroke are the same, right?
Push doesn't do DHX-air shocks. Darren or Jimmy at Push can give you the technical reasons why not.

DW has posted comments before on HV shocks/piggyback shocks on the Mojo.
Then I think Fox can change the compression tune.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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