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I used to run Hutchison Python Airlight non-UST tire on my Stan's olympic rims without rimtape. Just the yellow spoke tape and the sealant. They did work great for the past 90 days.

Today, both tire suddenly "blow" off the rim and when I got home, I found out that both tires' have been "stretched". The Kevlar bean had been stretched, the tires diameter is now so much bigger than the rim's diameter which you don't need to "pull" it over the rim, just slide it in and it is mounted.

So, seems Hutchison non-UST tires are not a good choice to be converted to tubeless. What about Maxxis? I used to have good luck with Maxxis XC tires with their performances.

Have anyone tried to use some lightweight Maxxis Kelvar bead XC tires, like Larsen TT, on their NoTubes olympic rims? Did your Kelvar bead stretch?
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