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Any issues running a 2.6 on the back of a 2021 Enduro? Shop put one on after an accident.

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Hey everyone! My 2021 Enduro was in the shop being repaired after an accident while on the back of my car (tanker truck took out the rack and bike and part of the car), and they put a 2.6 on the back instead of the 2.4 I had (it was damaged in the accident). Is there enough clearance for the 2.6 on rear of the 2021 Enduro? It looks like there is, but I wondered if anyone has any experience with this size tire on a 2020 or 2021 Enduro...

Oh and in case you're trying to picture what happened in the accident, here's a shot right after it happened:

Wheel Tire Automotive bicycle rack Vehicle Bicycle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire
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OT: Did you have any discussions about claiming a new frame? It looks like yours got torqued. I can't tell if it's carbon or aluminum.
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It’s carbon. They did a thorough check of the frame and it seem to be OK, but there’s an issue with the frame unrelated to the accident so they started a warranty claim regarding that.
Cool. Good for you.

As far as the tire, you might have to eyeball it. I always want enough space for small rocks and an out of true wheel.
That is my nightmare scenario right there in pictures…

Forget about fighting with an insurance about the value of a bike right now, but good luck replacing it right now.
Does the tyre hit the frame when you rail a burm hard?

If not you are good to go. I would be suprised is it didn't fit.

PS. Sucks to get the bike damaged like that.
Thankfully, ICBC is covering all the cost of repairs to the bike, a new rack, and the car. The bike needed new wheels which were updated so that was good. I’ve had previous gen weareone wheels on it, and they were replaced with newer versions. Actually, now the only thing I’m waiting for is to be reimbursed for the repairs to the bike, and my agent has assured me that will happen. As for the tire size, now I’m not sure about clearance thinking about the rock issue.
The 2.6 Spec Butcher will fit no problem, it's on my '21 Enduro. It's less than 2mm difference between the 2Bliss 2.3 and T9 2.6, I measured with calipers.
T9 on the front is my new favourite tire on hardpack.
Thanks for this! I’ll just keep the 2.6 then. Really appreciate it!
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