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Any half decent 120mm or 140mm disk rotors?

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I am on the hunt for 120 or 140mm disk rotors, found plenty on ebay and amazon but I am afraid they are of less quality metals.
I dont want to spend much.

Next question is would normal disk brake calipers work on 120 or 140mm disk rotors? I have the usual Avid base and Avid mid level bb7.

I dont require an adapter, its a custom job getting rid of a brake drum, and the 160 disk rotors are to big, 140 and 120mm disk rotors would fit nicely.
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Take a look what road bike rotors offer. I thinks mtb rotors starts from 160 mm
Shimano makes 140mm rotors. They actually work quite well. I have used them on the rear of XC hardtails. Now I use them on my road bike, event on crazy fast descents in the Alps with serious hairpins I am not having any brake fade.
Galfer make 140mm in both MTB and Road type.
The road one is particularly light.

Most MTB post mount design for 160mm rotor and larger though.
SRAM, Hope, TRP and shimano all do 140 it would just be trying to find some.

120mm seems tiny And I’m not aware of any of the big manufacturers doing them that small, though I could be wrong.

my cx and road bikes riding n 160 front / 140 rear.

Most of the time callipers don’t care what size disc you have fitted.

is this for a front or rear? I’m guessing rear if you can’t use a 160.
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