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Hi everyone,
My buddy and I are going to be in Vegas for a few days with out mountain bikes over New Years and eventually we are going to drive down to Tuscon.
I want to hit a lot of the great trails you guys seem to have using my Garmin as a guide. I've been searching the website and there are tons of maps there and I downloaded a bunch of them into google earth. I just can't tell at all which ones are fun and which ones are beginners.
I'm game for any technical level. We are from North East Jersey so we are used to riding the rockiest slowest ridiculous trails you have ever seen.
So I'd love to get a taste of the flow I've seen in the video's posted here, as well as some technical stuff. Average fitness level I suppose, we'll probably do 15-25 miles depending on the terrain and climbs each day/outing.
I've been looking at Cottonwood and Blue Diamond but I'm all ears to any suggestions.
And if anyone knows some great trails on the way to Phoenix/Tuscon I'd love to hear. We plan on taking our time and checking out attractions and trails on the way.

Links to a MotionBased track is really what I'm looking for but I'll take all and any advice from the locals :D

Lone Wolf McQuade
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I always ride with my GPS, I might get lost riding the same trails for 10 years :D
Go into MB and search for "beagledadi". BD is Blue Diamond/Cottonwood, BC is Bootleg Canyon, and there might be one or two Cowboy Trails in up when you get closer to town, Matt

V-Shaped Rut
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You should be able to tell what is truly beginner and what isn't by total distance, elevation and moving speed. After that its all relative to your fitness.

Here is a fun ride I did starting and ending in the town of blue diamond (cottonwood area) Its not super challenging but has good flow. You'll get to start with some constant gradual climbing to warm up, then hit viagra for some flowing downhill, then a good mix of fast flats, short hills and a few rocky spots before heading back to town.


Here is a map of the cowboy trails. You'll get some climbing in on this ride for sure! I would highly recommend not taking the route down that I did (boneshaker) unless you're renting a long travel bike. Not that you can't make it, its just no fun. Ignore the jacked up speed, I had 2 flats as the comments say.
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