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Any good bike stuff bags out there?

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Looking for something more bike specific and larger than my old college backpack to store all my bike stuff and clothes in when taking trips and such.

Any good ones out there for a decent price?

I've looked online but you really can't tell which ones organize and fit everything nicely.
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if you go to campmor and search for Mountainsmith Bike Cube it will come up with a bike gear bag. i have one i am using now. it is a good bag it has 3 compartments one holds a helmet and shoes a middle one for clothes and one for tools and supplies. i actually bought 2 and if i can find the other and your interested pm me.
Great bags, ok prices but they are a sponsor so I get them for CHEAP anyways.
The luggage bag is sick. Holds every piece of gear that you have, great for races and traveling to races.
I have the Pearl Izumi IMBA bag. It has pockets for organzing tools, inside dividers to seperate clean and dirty, helmet pocket on the outside and shoe pockets on the outside. If you are an imba member you get a discount and it benefits IMBA.
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Thanks for the replies.

Your bag looks and sounds decent xjoex. Price isn't an issue as long as its not stupid expensive. I'm just looking for a nice one at a fair price.
I found a sweet OGIO bag last year on It's like luggage, wheels on one end, aluminum frame/handle - pretty sturdy gear. Plus, it's "freeride approved" being in snow camo ;)
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