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any dh/fr/tech in el paso?

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greetings fellow crime stoppers!

the girl and i are lookin at a relocation possiblity in el paso and it would be a huge part of the decision to know what types of riding and bike shop jobs were available. she has a 2nd interview scheduled in a few working days so time is short and solid info is greatly appriciated. feel free to email or pm me if yer more comfy with that option.

im a reborn downhiller with a thing for big travel bikes and techy trails yet im not super hard core, bein a older guy who tends to work too hard. sounds like theres some mostly mellow xc dirt, a jump park and some lighter tech right in town that the area folks have fought hard to build and keep that may mirror some of my former az rides in phoenix. the road isnt my main focus but i dig multi day self supported tours such as the ride i did in the hill country years ago and social rides with large groups like RAGBRAI or the MS rides for example.

looks like the phoenix super tech is about 6 hours away and a 7 hour trip to angel fires dh runs. anything closer i should know about?

also, im a long time shop guy with 14 years of high end sales and service experience in my pocket. matter of fact, i run a large multi store corporate based service shop in the midwest that saw impressive increases in the last 14 months since i took over and for 3 years when i held the same position before being asked to return. hows the state of things for bike geeks out there? ill be lookin for a place that focus's on customer service that would be interested in my help to grow its profits and increase its popularity in the community. if this type of shop doesnt yet exist, maybe its time it did.

thanx for the time and the help. just might see ya on the trails in 2010. look for the old, slow guy with the big smile and the firm handshake.
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I recently relocated here. Its a great biking area for me. For the FR/DH stuff, I have heard of the RoughriderCanyon area which is supposed to be good (and out of my league).

I have also heard of people who ride from the top of transmountain road down some of the trails to the Redd Rd trails (a few miles of mostly downhill riding), I havent done that yet.

Thats the extent of my knowledge.
thanx for the link. looks quite promising even though a bit of it is also outside of my own league. that fast, long, deep dbl is massive! anytime i see a truck stuffed with boxxers and dainese jackets, i get giddy! might have to keep the dhr afterall.
Come to our freeride fest FEB; this would give you an excellent idea of what to expect. The Canyon has runs for everyone but is by far the most technical venue in the southwest. For freeride the best place within the city limits is the UTEP campus trails. Not many ride these but they are the shiz!:thumbsup:
thanx man. good beta. ill know more about this whole thing in the commin weeks but it sounds like el paso has what i need to support my bike habit, far better than what i have now which is the whole idea. got yer pm and ill respond to that very soon.

next question: whats life like out there off the bike? stuff like good dining, cool pubs, quality micro breweries, concerts and a local music scene, places to hang out and enjoy life. economy, blah blah blah. not much here in a small city in nw iowa besides a relaxed enviornment, no traffic and very friendly people so it wont take alot to impress me. also, bein so close to the border would it be in our best interest to be bi-lingual?

thanx guys. i suppose these types of threads get old fast so i appriciate the time.
I hope ya like the outdoors.. The only thing people do round these parts is party hard all the freakin time.. Not much here unless your outdoors ..:madman:
mountaingoat111 said:
I hope ya like the outdoors.. The only thing people do round these parts is party hard all the freakin time.. Not much here unless your outdoors ..:madman:
LOL a lot of people don't know the great outdoors in parts of El Paso. I'm guilty myself. Not only are the some good trails. We have the Guadeloupe Mountain not to far away. Tallest peak in Texas. There Heuco Tanks and Big Bend isn't to far either.
im cool with the outdoors so thats good to hear. 1st heard of big bend while on a road tour of the hill country in '95. id be ecxited to check it out. thanx guys
isn't Big Bend like 8 hrs away? Cant remember...
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