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Not sure if I am too late here, so I will still throw it our for you.....

Forget M.I., there is nothing there but overgrown, sandy, muddy, or non-existent trails there. Head on down to Melbourne/Palm Bay area. There is the GFT & Turkey Creek in Palm Bay. The GFT rocks and has some pretty technical terrain along with some rocking FR stuff. Not very long, but if looped it is a blast. If you like Alafia, you will like the GFT. Similiar kind of technical terrain.

As previously mentioned, you also have the Little Big Econ (also known as Snowhill) in Oveido or a ride up to Chuck Lennon Park in Deleon Springs or Graham Swamp in Flagner. The best bet is the GFT in Palm Bay. The directions to the GFT are somewhat incorrect here on MTBR. The TH it shows here on MTBR is actually the neighbor hood ride in. It is not the TH. It is off of Babcock Street at the Tillman Canal bridge crossing and can be reached by riding your bike south on the sidewalk from the St. Josephs Catholic Church parking lot. If you need any assistance with complete directions, just send me a PM.

Have fun and wishing you a great and better new year! :thumbsup:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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