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Any Clydes using carbon bars on their XC bikes? How wide are your bars?

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If yes, which ones are well suited for large Clydes?
I'm 6'6" 275lbs and am wondering if any other Clydes are using carbon bars on their bikes. I've heard/read that carbon seat posts are a no-no :nono: for us Clydes but couldn't find anything as fars as steering bars are concerned.

Another side question, I'd be interested in how wide your bars are for XC biking? I read an article a while back in one of the bike magazines explaining the pros/cons of long and short bars and am curious as to what length some of you larger Clydes are running yours at?
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I use a Easton MonkeyLite XC CNT Carbon 26 wide and I'm 240lbs
Any material is a no-no for Clydes if its built light for the weight weenies. It just so happpens that most Carbon stuff is built uber-light. But Carbon in itself is plenty strong if built right (you may soon be flying in Carbon Fiber passenger jets!)

I have used Easton MonkeyLite XC and Titec Hellbent Carbon riser bars, both 660mm wide, with zero issues at my 225lbs. At 275lbs you might want to err on the heavier duty side, probably looking at ~200 gram riser bars. The Titec Hellbents, Truvativ Noir Race, and LP Composite XC bars are plenty stout. Even stouter are the Easton MonkeyLite DH or LP Composite DH bars.
I''m trying the Carbon Monkeylite XC


Recently I switched from the Salsa Pro Moto flat bars (very good) to the easton Monkeylite Carbon XC bars. I am running them uncut at full width. So far I am very happy with the bars, they dampen the vibration and bend feels great for my riding style. I am not doing any drops bigger than 2 feet, so I can't speak for the durability over any bigger drops. I am 6'1 and 235, but so far so good for the XC riding I do! I would have to give them a thumbs up after a month with them. I have also heard very good things about the Syntace Carbon bars, their website has some impressive information, check it out. I think you really need to assess your riding style and the terrain you ride and then you can make a decision on the carbon bars. If this part of the bike has a catastrophic failure, the results can be pretty bad, just something to consider. Good luck, hope this info helps.:thumbsup:

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Love my Titec Hellbents on my R SS, they are burly though you could easily find an aluminum bar that weighs the same or less.

anyone have advice about the SALSA PRO MOTO CARBON FIBER FLAT HANDLEBAR 660mm @ 17d. i have been eyeing it for over a year but have avoided it because i am 230 (but losing!).
I use easton monkey light carbon dh on myNicolai Fr and Truvativ noir carbons on my xc bike.The truvativs are 200g and 680mm wide and the eastons are 225g and 710mm long
Thanks for all the great replies guys. You all gave me a lot of good info and I'll have to check it all out.
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