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Any Clyde riding with a Gravity Dropper?

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I'm thinking in buying a gravity dropper, at 275lbs I was wondering if you have any feedback

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I am 220 and have had no problems with my GD...
I'm 260 and running a Sette Ryde dropper seatpost...costs $29 on Has held up really well so far. Dropper function is sooo much better for my center of gravity on descents. (7 ft)
I'm 260 and running a Sette Ryde dropper seatpost...costs $29 on Has held up really well so far. Dropper function is sooo much better for my center of gravity on descents. (7 ft) Actually just bought a second one for my hardtail.
how does it work?
Works great so far...manual release lever under the nose of the saddle. Drops u 4 inches if pulling lever while sitting on seat. pull lever and stand up and seat comes up.
have Both

Bought the sette and used it for a while. the dropping part was nice but it is not on the fly (you still have to stop unless you can ride technical terrain with one hand) and there is an issue of it moving up and down around an inch at randomly. That being said it was well worth the $30.

Upgraded to the Gravity Dropper turbo and I will never ride technical terrain without one ever again. By far the best upgrade i have ever made hands down end of story.

I weigh in at around 245 (without gear) and the only problem i have had is that there is an adjuster under the boot that occasionally backs itself off and starts making things a little screwy. One time the seat wouldn't stay down, and another time the seat wouldn't stay up. Spent 30 seconds each time resetting the adjuster and it works fine.

Good luck
280 or so here and riding a Maverick Speedball R - now sold as the Crank Bros Joplin.

It's biggest advantage over the GD is that it's a lot thicker, I looked at the GD but the post only came in 27.x mm and I run a 31.8 seatpost on my 5.5, you had to use a seatpost shim to get the GD in there (at least then, I don't know about now).

The Speedball is great but quite dirt sensitive, you have to strip it down and regrease it fairly regularly, but when it's working it's superb.
Specialized now came out with a adjustable post that looks promising as well, perhaps the most durable design, and unlike the Joplin it's nice and long.
I've used the Turbo GD since it came out. I weigh 220 w/o gear, and have had ZERO problems.
I have a Joplin. Had it on since October of last year. Maybe about 400 miles on it now. I weigh in at 225 lbs lately, with about 12 pounds of camelback as well.

I have to say, it is the best upgrade I have ever made. I have had to service mine once so far. It was really starting to stick going up or down. Really easy to take apart, and clean it up. Grease up the two plastic o-ring slider things, and it's good as new again!

If you are the type of rider who likes the seat way up there for climbing and smooth trails, but like to stop-and-drop for the descents, you will absolutely love an on-the-fly adjustable seat post.

I would always stop to lower my post for any extended downhills over sketchy terrain, but sometimes if it was just a short section, I didn't want to bother to stop. Or on the other hand, after a long downhill section, where I had dropped the seat at the top, and a quick climbing section was coming up, maybe I wouldn't want to stop to raise it back up, untill I knew all the downhill section was over, and just do the quick climb section with a low seat.

Now that any the seat position is just a thumb push away, I always have the perfect seat height for the situation, never a compromise because I don't want to stop and lose the 'flow".

I have the remote version, and I put the remote on the left side of the bars. It gets way more action than the front dr shifter ever has!
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I have been riding a gravity dropper since about 2005. I have owned 3 of them, never broke one or had any real issues. I did have a lever that was poorly machined, they sent me a new on and some extra parts at no charge. Great product put out by some straight-up good guys.

I am debating on getting another GD or getting an AMP for the new ride. I like the AMP and have ridden with one of the founders to demo the post. From a design standpoint it is and excellent alternative.
One more thing to consider is seatpost set-back. Many frames now have a very laid back seat tube, because it is moved forward to make room at the FD/pivot area. This yields the 'effective' seat angle they talk about in the geometry specs only if you have a M with a 'normal' amount of post. If you have really long legs your seat will be way back, so you want to use an inline seatpost, not a set-back one, to achieve the desired seat tube angle.

The Gravity Dropper is an inline one, but it does look like the Specialized could be run 'backwards' to decrease the set-back.
I am only 225 lbs., but would say that my Joplin is one of the best upgrades for the money that a rider can buy. I have not had any problems with the Joplin.
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