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Any body with a Giant Iguana?

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I was looking around in here and didnt see any posts related to Iguana's. I recently acquired an old Iguana 650 se ('96 I believe was the only year they made it) I was curious if anyone had one and what thier experiences were with it. Mine needs a little bit of work but besides a dead suspension fork and some worn gears it appears to be in good shape.
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Are the only Giants people talk about in here are high dollar boing boing bikes? Any one have any suggestions on upgrades for these?

well you could upgrade to a high dollar boing boing bike ;)

On a serious note, mate of mine had a later model Iguana and was pretty happy with it. Rode it into the ground for about 4 years but the frame is still intact - just all the running gear is wasted.

As for upgrades - well what sort of riding do you plan to do & how much money do you want to/can you spend?

Are you after lighter weight, looks, durability? What is on the bike already that you want to keep?

Give us something to work with and we can help you out.
Lol thanks, Well to be honest I am not sure of what all I am looking to do with it down the road, Right now its mostly just some trail riding at the state parks and such. I am not really after putting the bike on a diet at least intentionally. I would like to slowly upgrade it and customize it at the same time, like painting it and trying different gear setups. I think I would like to make it a 1x9. Stuff I would be leary about doing to a new high dollar bike. As far as money I dont have a whole lot to spend on it and really I dont want to spend a lot on a bike i am toying around with.

Thanks for the response
You're lucky, because I have a '96 Giant Iguana 950, which was the top of the line model only available in Taiwan at the time.

It's got a SR Duotrack 7005 fork with 20mm of travel, completel Shimano Acera X components, Weinmann something wheels, but I had to replace the rear wheel and hub because something was wrong with the internal stuff in the back, I have no idea :p

I'm very VERY pleased with this bike, because it's just so ridiculously durable it's not even funny. I take my bike everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Dirt jumping, light freeriding, trail, road, marathon, you name it. It's gone through tons and tons of abuse, and all the gears, cassettes, BB, derailleurs, crankset, not even one single problem, except I had to get the rear shifter rebuilt because a spring broke. I'm also quite surprised the fork isn't dead yet either, considering I bottom out every bump I go over...

Anywho, I wouldn't spend over $200 on my bike right now, on reason, because it's a waste of money to be upgrading something so old anyway, and secondly I'm buying an actual DJ bike soon.

If you really want to do serious trail riding, and not get a new bike, I suggest you get a new fork (threadless), which would also require you to get a new headset, stem, handlebar etc. (Also, not 100% sure on what upgrades are actually needed). That's what I plan on doing with mine, buy a fork off pinkbike or craigslist, a cheap RST Capa 80mm or Suntour XCM/XCT 80mm, which you can easily buy for under $100. The extra stuff shouldn't be too expensive, unless of course you buy new parts.

I dunno, it's up to you, but as I mentioned, I'm getting a DJ bike, but I plan on keeping my Iguana, but all it really needs is a new fork, because I don't think my current one can take much more abuse ;)

Here's the specs for your bike, it might come in handy

All the upgrades I have on my bike right now are green Steve Hamilton Animal Plastic Pedals, and Oury green grips (because my old ones were ripped).
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Awesome, thanks for the help guys. I have been searching on Ebay, its so cool all the different things you can find on there. What kind of site is pinkbike, an ebay similar site?

Thanks agian
Pinkbike is more like Craiglist, whilst eBay is like a bidding site
Iguana 950

We just got a second Iguana 950 from a neighbor. Can you believe it? 2 of them. We are in Taichung, Taiwan. We know our first was bought new in May 1996 for just under TWD10,000, which at that time was probably about $350 US.
What the other poster said about durability is true. The cromoly frame and thicker components have never really failed, but we did need to replace the brakes along the way. The center pull calipers seem to eventually lose their return on one side or another.
I believe it has 20mm of travel in the shock--pretty meaningless these days, but I suppose it does provide a little cushion.
We did have to replace the chain once so far, but over 10 years that's not bad. The tires have such tough rubber (and they are heavy) that they are still not worn out after perhaps 5-7000 km. I'm guessing because we've never put an odometer on this one, but it's been along for the rides on probably that many trips with the '99 Kona, which is up to 8000 km.
I don't know if it's the same thing but here in Australia when I was looking at buying my first decent mountain bike it was a choice between the 2001 model Giant Iguana and Specialized Hard Rock, I went for the hard rock only because that bike shop offered a better deal and were nicer to deal with, lol since then it's been Giants all teh way pretty much!
I rode, loved and miss my Iguana. I may miss it more now because I dont have a decent newer mountain bike anymore, but it was definitely a solid bike.
Well I noticed there was not much on here the Iguana witch I understand since its a old bike. I just bought one used on CL for $100 2001 Iguana SE everything works and the bike is not to beet up looks more like just bums and scratches from being in the way in a garage or shed for years. I was ridding a 1998 Trek 820 it was heavy and the would not shift good under a load. I hope I upgraded a little.

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