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So, as I have previously posted, I recently had a baby. My riding has been scarce since she has been born, and I am going crazy!
Our boys have gotten into racing BMX and it has become a family weekly event. SO bikes are bikes, and I think i have been bitten.
Every week i have gone I get that funny feeling in my tummy a little bit more than the week before, finally this week I took my son's bike around the track a couple times.

It's hard!! and a ton of fun. I felt like a retard! but i realized i can ride without worrying about Baby G thinking she's starving to death! My boys think I'm cool (even if i do suck ) and i learn new skills(hopefully). So I ''m in!

Anyway I wanna know if there are any fellow ex or present BMX girls, and any tips. I am super slow and super sloppy.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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