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Any Bike Shops have 951s in stock?

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I'm in Whistler and need a new bike as soon as possible. Anyone know of a bike shop with the 951 already in stock?
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Pretty sure that most shops have special ordered to take care of demand. I could be wrong, but I surmise that there aren't too many sitting around. What size you looking for?
If you're in Whistler, try Snowcovers. They are kinda in a weird spot at the north end of the village (near the grocery store). If they don't have one, good luck finding one north of the 49th.
Fanatik in Bellingham has a medium and a large. Their website says they do anyway.
Fanatik's frames actually showed up on Thursday.
The Path Bike Shop in Tustin, California has one in stock - just saw it yesterday. Hmm..and I'm going to be driving to Whistler next week. Talk to Tani.

Here's a thread on a local forum that shows it.
yup try Fanatik..great shop and its not too far from you in Washington
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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