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Any aluminum frame guys near Cocoa Beach, FL?

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I need someone fairly local to help inspect and do some prep work on my newly acquired Manitou frame. It has a little (< 0.5") hair line fracture at the bottom of the head tube and I just want to make sure the rest of the frame is perfect before beginning a build.
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Not sure which Manitou you bought, but most have failed in similar ways.

Are you planning to ride it or get it built for a display bike.

There is some discussion about the frames here, note post #11.

It's this one shown here:

It's going to be more of a novelty, but I will ride it locally for exercise. Nothing too crazy. I plan on upgrading some components, but keeping them in-line with the bike's intended purpose.

I'm aware of the frame issues. I read all the threads. I still wanted a frame because I like the bike and knew I could work through anything. With that said, any ideas on someone local who could do a good job with that small crack and overall prepping the bike?
Sweet. I was calling all the Orlando shops with no success, and then I just spoke with someone at Kyle's Bike Shop in Orlando. They can outsource to a welding shop who they've used for years. Kyle's can also do all other frame prep as needed. That's exactly what I was looking for.
FWIW, unless the local welder does frames and deals with heat treating concerns it may not be the best choice for aluminum.

Check the back of Dirt Rag, see if Ted Wojick is still doing any frame work or any one else. Guys that build frames will be setup to properly repair it, and resize the headtube,

Here's a link to Teds repair page, I spoke to him years ago about a similar issue with my old Alpinestars Almega. He knew right away all the details of what needed to be done to fix it correctly.

Saw a photo of your frame posted elsewhere. FWIW, there may be a complete bike, still owned by the original owner down here in WPB. not sure it is ridden anymore, but might be. Haven't seen the guy in a couple of years.

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