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I just received my beautiful new Motolite :) with an RP3 rear shock... Today I took it out in the rain for the first real trail ride, I rode it around the neighborhood the minute I got it.

I am trying to dial in the rear shock, a Fox RP3. The shop set it up for me before I left, but it feels too stiff. I also cannot tell a significant difference in any of the three positions...
I really only care about the psuedo-lockout and then the nice supple full suspension positions

I am 5' 7" and weigh about 150lbs. The shock is set at 110 psi...

I have been messing around with the sag control so I am no longer sure where the shop had it originally set...

I read some horror stories about this shock being defective out of the box. I kinda got all panicky that maybe I had a defective one too...

Thanks for any help...
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