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Hi all.
I'm sooo ready for some serious 29er action but I'm a little hesitant of buying online and want a shop that knows what they're selling. And as I understand from Cloxxki's earlier thread there doesn't seem to be many that do.

I live in the Netherlands and know this forum gets read by fellow dutchies so I'm hoping for some tips and advice.

Besides finding the right bikeshop I am having a hard time making a choice between Niner's Air9, Salsa's El Mariachi and On-One's Inbred. It's the obvious question but...any suggestions on the matter?

Thanks in advance.

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Welkom op het forum!

Niners are rare to find on shop floors world-wide, though they seem to have some dealerships in the New World.
You won't be finding an El Mariachi in ANY European bike shop I'm afraid, Inbreds maybe, if you count the UK :)
I'm sure will gladly help you out with sizing and order you what you need, though.
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