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Anthem X 29 suspension setup

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Just wondering what pressure everyone's running at?

I weigh approx 160lbs without gear on an X3. Right now I have;

160psi rear
87psi front

This is my first Maestro bike and I'm still tweaking since the rear may still be a little soft. Does that sound about right though? Close to your weight for the rear and about half on the front?
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I ran 25% sag on my Maestro bikes (Reign and Trance X) and got great performance. YMMV.
I weigh 165 and run 85 in the front and 170 in the back. After much dialing in it feels I get the best performance out of that. Bothe fork and shock at about 20%sag.
I'm 170 lbs and run 52 psi[ similar pressure I run in all my fox forks] in the front and 140 to 145 psi in the rear[ similar pressure to all my similar shock ratio fs bikes]. Fox recommended pressures are notoriously high.
I am 72kg (160lbs) an just did a 90km (55 mile) enduro with the front at around 65 psi and rear at 140psi. After 3 of the 5 laps my arms were killing me (bumpy course…) and I dropped the pressure to below 50 on the forks. Got more travel and blessed relief for my arms! Go with what feels good on the track on the day - take shock pump with you to test.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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