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Another year in the books. I spent some serious time on my bike this year, probably the most saddle time I've ever had. Over the summer I was up to 4 or 5 rides per week. As with every year, I put together a retrospective of some of the better pictures - looking at these myself it's really hard to separate the "good pictures" from the "good memories", so apologies if some of these aren't up to par.

I put the pictures mostly in chronological order, though there appears to be some significant gaps in there. I remember times during the year where the pictures seemed to get redundant, which is why NE is such a great place to ride - if you don't like the conditions or scenery, wait a few hours, weeks or months. I try to be cognizant of the ride flow on group rides, so a lot of what I captured was solo rides (i.e. a lot of pics of me!).

I started off the year with a New Year's Day ride in the snow.

My wife continued her pursuit of bikedness and got to the point where she is becoming pretty passionate about the sport, a quote from her heard sometime this summer "I used to ride because you liked it, now I ride because I like it":

I had to go to Melbourne Australia for work, while I was there I got in a ride or two - one was even in the woods, the highlight of which was seeing a kangaroo in the wild (sorry no pics of the 'roo).

Singletrack in Melbourne

Back in the good ole US of A

Feeling inspired during a birthday ride I put together a photo essay, Leave good tracks re-reading it almost a year forward, it still rings true (to me anyway)

More winter riding.

I had the opportunity to demo a Ted W 29er - nice bike. I thoroughly enjoyed our week together.

I started doing more group rides, considering I work from home alone, it's a good social experience for me…

Finally spring blooms

Happy trails

Evil trails

Somewhere in here I did an epic 8 hour ride with some really strong riders - good times, though no pictures…

I spent some time working on log rides…

I remember this ride fondly…

Right about here I got my new bike. I'm usually on the four year plan for a new bike, but I jumped the schedule by about 2 years, it was one of those things (and I have an understanding if not downright encouraging wife!).

Keeping single single

Good spot for a sunset, and one I witnessed many times this year

John Trials, Disch and I did many rides this summer, seeing this pic reminds me just how great those rides were, I gotta make sure those start back up once it's a bit warmer.

More sunsets

I promise myself to get even more involved in NEMBA in 2009, I did a few organized festival/ride type things with them this year including the Fall Fiesta where I did the "Freeride" ride, its always good to stretch boundries. Mr Smoothie taking a cool line

Peanut gallery

Another work trip, this time to Rio, unfortunately no riding…

I got a chance to reconnect with some old friends…

…and make some new ones

…and "lost" one constant companion (come on Slider get back on the bike!):

A few bizarro pics I can't explain…

Before you know it, its fall again

One thing that became apparent as I look through all these pics - I rode at this place a LOT this year.

I did a bunch of night riding, which is great. I feel like the cost of the light is justified

So that's it. I hope everyone had as good a year as I did and, while it really doesn't seem possible at this point, has an even better 2009!

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Great! You've had one hell of an awesome year. I've also ridden the most this year, pushed my boundaries and done stuff I didn't think was possible last year. Hope everyone has had a great 2008 year that they can look back to.

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Nice pics, Jisch, I hope your next year is as fine as 2008 appears to have been for you. I did more in 2008 than ever before and hope that in 2009 I can attempt more new trails and finish one I just couldn't handle this summer. Happy New Year, everyone! :) -GT2005
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