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I’m expecting a new bike with a Yari in a few weeks. I have to upgrade it ASAP. People with experience what’s your feedback and what would you do differently? Please do not suggest I give the moco a chance.

There are a few new options and a few classics. Also lots of different tuning theories. The importance of spring vs damping debate is interesting and I’m keen to experiment there.

Spring upgrades:
DSD Runt
Smash pot coil conversion
Push ACS3

Damper upgrades
Avalanche cart with all the extras
Tuned charger 1/2/2.1
Charger 2 w/ push hc97
Novy Splug
Fast YariUp

Im leaning towards the avy cart and not touching the spring to offset the price of the cart with extras. I think it’s the best damper option by a long way. The cost of a charger 2 and hc97 is not worth it imo. The euro moco compression replacement assemblies look cool but are pretty pricey imported to the US and just aren’t as sophisticated as the other options.

Or the Runt and a used charger 1. The runt comes with a shim kit and Anthony’s advice on how to valve for your weight. The charger 1 rc is probably the easiest charger to get feeling good with custom valving. I’d like to do some spring testing. I’d love to try a coil but the prices are pretty steep and combined with the challenge of selecting the right spring, extra weight and need to be permanently installed due to inner stanchion wear.

Avy cart w/ extra is over $600.
Runt is $250 + $100 used charger 1 = $350.

Really any combustion of this stuff would be a good option. I’d love to have Dougal tune his preferred version of charger and toss it in with a coil...

The other super tempting option is selling the yari as a new take off and getting in line for the Manitou Mezzer.


For reference my current fork is a yari with an avy cart and debonair spring. It’s amazing and I really couldn’t want anything more out of the damper, but I think the spring could be improved even though it’s quite good. I’ve ridden lots of other good forks too.

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Now I'm leaving toward this coil kit and another avalanche cart.

The CRC coil kit is a lot cheaper than the acs3 and smashpot. It's even cheaper than the dsd runt. That would allow me to experiment with coil vs debonair and save money for a premium damper.

Still really want a Mezzer, but they're not available yet.
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