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I'm sure you 29 guys are absolutely fed up with threads about wheels, but I'd like a little more info than the search function is coughing up.
I'm thinking of building up a Karate Monkey, and I was thinking of using the Bontrager Superstock 29 DC wheelset. I want to keep it rather cheap, and as for weight vs. durability I'm torn in between the two, but maybe leaning a bit more towards durability. Anyone have experience with this wheelset? How do you think it will hold up, I'm 6' and about 190#, I'll be racing these wheels a couple times a month and trail riding them a couple times a week.
I'm thinking I'll go with the Spec Fast Trak 29x2" tires at first, but I'd like to know if there's room to move up to fatter rubber on this wheelset. Also, if there are any suggestions for wheels that may be better for my application, I'm all ears.


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