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Hi guys

New here and love the content in this forum :D :D

I currently am polishing up one of my bikes that i have built over the last few months and have finally came to the tuning of the tyres on the bike. I currently have some flyweight 330s and been one of the first light bikes i have my last Sunday ride told me that the tyres aren't really cutting it. I have purchased some Nobby nics in 2.1 UST format for my cannondale which also runs Crossmax SLR. Now to my understanding that configuration should work perfectly.

Question i have though i will list below.

1. I have searched here and some seemed to say no sealant is fine on a ust rim and ust tyre? I got some sealant too but would rather not use sealant. I am not interested in the puncture resistance kinda issue as i am fairly light and have never really had a puncture too *maybe i am not riding hard enough*

2. If it starts burping air say going down a big downhill and i am left with less then rideable pressure what do i do? Is it as simple as taking out my portable pump and pumping it back up to pressure again? That is my general understanding of the matter?

Thanks guys!

Pic taken during bike build. Bike is done now

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1. Run sealant. You may not get punctures very often but when you do it is nice to have the tire not lose all of its air. Much easier to top off than fill the whole thing. Has save a few rides for me.

2. If you burp some air, a pump or co2 should do the trick.


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my thoughts...

-UST is waaaay too heavy.

-why UST when you never had a flat anyway?

-with tubeless it is all about low pressure and it seems you didn't run low enough then. drop that pressure to max. 2 bar/ 29 psi when using UST tires!! otherwise you really miss the point of UST.

-UST is very good protection against flats BUT what UST is prone to is slight airloss all the time. there's tires that simply aren't airthight, other tires get "ruined" while mounting them and finally you still might get a puncture out on the trail. all this won't happen if you use sealant

-if you ride in rocky terrain where you might cut your sidewalls UST is sure best protection against flats (still in combination with sealant though!) BUT in your case it seems you are one that could rather take profit by running a regular tire with some sort of tubelesskit (sealant inside instead of inner tube). much,much lighter!
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