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Another tire question: what's between Rampage and Crossmark

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I keep on reading tire-related threads but I don't seem to find the info I am looking for.
Right now I am running Rampage/Crossmark combo on a full rigid ElMar in New England.
I love the Rampage up front but I find it slow rolling for the rear. On the other side the Crossmark traction leave a lot to be desired on wet rock'n'root NE trails. In addition the sidewalls are not holding on so well.
Most of the other available options seem, to me, pretty close to either one or the other, except maybe for the Mountain King, that I didn't like in 26", and the expensive RacingRalph.
What tire is better than the Crossmark in traction and than the Rampage in rolling resistance?

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I'm using it in conjunction with the Rampage in the front and find them to be a nice combo. Fast rolling, with pretty decent sidewalls. I've banged them into stuff at really low pressures on my Gordo's and have not had a pinch flat yet.
I second running a Nanoraptor on the rear --- works very well for me in conditions similar to yours
I run an Ignitor on the rear with a Rampage up front
better traction that either the crossmark or nano on the rear
i keep returning to the Rampage 2.35 front / Bontrager ACX 2.2 tubeless ready rear combo for CA/OR/WA/CO/UT types of riding. The ACX has just enough volume to work well as a rear tire (too small for front tire on the terrain i ride) and gives a level of climbing and braking traction well beyond the Crossmark.

although i do encounter mud on some of my rides, in gen'l i'm riding relatively dry conditions, so YMMV.
I have the same set up as frorider and it seems to work well: Rampage front and Bontrager 2.2 on the rear. Or you may want to look at something like a Geax Sagurao for the rear. That combo would be good for NE.
Ignitor works very well on the rear, even on a single speed when out of saddle and really cranking when there's little weight on the rear wheel.
Ignitor. Great rear tire.
I just made the move to Rampage in the front and Kenda Small Block 8 in the back. I am extremely happy with this combo on my rigid.
Kenda SB8

I have already tried the SB8. Found the traction on wet worst than the Crossmark's.
I know lots of guys who run a SB8 2.3 rear with a Blue Groove or NV 2.3 front on 26ers

I didn't like the SB8 29er on the rear, found it way too easy to break loose around here..
usually dry and loose rocks
So far

i like the geax saguaro and maxxis ardent in the rear suing either a rampage or resolution up front..
Michelins XCs. Mountain Kings are pretty good too. Fast for the amount of grip and cornering is the best.
I would like to try Saguaros and Panaracer Fire XC.
Nanos are easily the most pathetic sidewall I have used. I cannot ride those through any rock and not have them get sliced. They are for buff trails only.
Ignitors don't do a thing for me.

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