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A little help for an ignorant newbie. I am planning on an xm-l build using George's Lflex driver. I saw that Savagemann used a momentary switch he got from ebay. It is described as momentary normal off. It is billed as a boat horn switch, push for on, power off when released. Is this the correct type of momentary switch for an Lflex?
Thanks in advance.

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There are a couple types of MOM switches.
N/O which is normally open
N/C which is normally closed.
The flex drivers use a N/O switch.
Normally Open switches are also referred to as
Momentary Off,
Push On,
OFF - (ON),
and probably a few other terms as well.

The switches I linked to on ebay work perfect with the flex drivers, and are a pretty good deal I might add.
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