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Guys, help me out here.
SPV for the front ? Is it realy worth it ?
I have never had a problem with bob from the front , at the back I agree SPV is a welcomed addition , but the front ?
I have been riding a manitou Back Super 100/120 , and have never had a issue with bob , and if i am gonna be doing hard sprints I lock it out.
The reason I am trying to convince mself otherwise is I need a new fork , and I have narrowed it down to 5 forks. (this is for my SB with 5.25" links and a platform shock"

1. Manitou Black super air 100/120 (Go with what I know)
2. Manitou Minute 2 100 (nice spv but limited to 100mm)
3. Manitou Mintue 2 130 ( ditto )
4. Fox Float RCL 100/130 (05) (heard of people having seal problems , butlooks promising)
5.White Brothers AT 90-130 (have not heard anything from them )
They are in in about the same weight class , but the idea of changing travel is nice , especialy when I am doing a XC race and put the 4.5" link on.
what are your guys thoughs on the forks anyone heard anything about the white brothers ?
I wish life was more simple many choices
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