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jrm said:
bad attempt @ humor..
Uhm, no it wasn't. It was a great attempt which was fully received and reciprocated... quoting directly from the episode you pulled that still from.

Perhaps your memory is failing you.

Gerald: You know, the emissions from a vehicle like yours causes irreparable damage to the ozone. I drive a hybrid; it's much better for the environment. [begins to drive away, with his eyes closed] Thaaanks.

Kyle: Dad, can we go home? All you ever do since you got this car is drive around and show it off! [a quite-satisfied Gerald stops at the next intersection. Another hybrid car pulls up alongside him]

Driver: Hey, is that a hybrid?

Gerald: Oh yes. You've got one too, I see.

Driver: Yeah, I like to be a part of the soluuution and not part of the probluuhm. Well, anyway, [sticks his thumb up through the passenger window] good for you!

Gerald: [sticks up his thumb in return and begins to drive away with his eyes closed] Thaaanks.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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